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Bellingham, WA, us
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Favorite artists: 40s-70s: 1. Will Eisner 2. Jack Kirby 3. Neal Adams 4. Gil Kane 5. Hal Foster 6. Joe Kubert 7. Mike Ploog 8. Steve Ditko 9. Carmine Infantino 10. Jim Steranko 11. Alex Toth 12. Gene Colan 13. Barry Smith 14. John Romita 15. Carl Barks 16. Bill Everett 17. Joe Maneely 18. Dick Ayers 19. Curt Swan 20. Dan DeCarlo Herge Albert Uderzo The Buscema Brothers Ramona Fradon Herb Trimpe Al Williamson Joe Shuster The Severin Siblings Chester Gould 80s-90's: Mike Mignola Bill Sienkiewicz Barry Windsor-Smith Jae Lee Nick Manabat Travis Charest Keith Giffen Art Adams Marc Silvestri Greg Capullo Whilce Portacio Erik Larsen Kevin Maguire Larry Stroman Jim Lee Walt Simonson Joe Quesada Mike Parobeck Mike Zeck John Bolton Sam Kieth Bruce Timm Manny Galan Frank Miller Butch Guice Mark Texeira Mike Grell Art Thibert Todd McFarlane Dale Keown Present: Adam Pollina Leinil Francis Yu Eric Powell Dave Johnson John Romita Jr Terry Dodson Marko Djurdjevic Tim Sale Adi Granov Skottie Young Alex Maleev Chris Bachalo Olivier Coipel Frank Quitely Darwyn Cooke Duncan Rouleau Carlos Pacheco Ladronn John Cassaday Gabrielle Dell'Otto Juan Doe Francisco Mattina Steve McNiven David Aja Stuart Immomen Brandon Peterson Alex Ross David Mack Michael Turner Ariel Olivetti Billy Tan Brian Hitch Salvador Larroca Jim Cheung Mark Brooks David Finch Fave writers 60's-80's: Chris Claremont Stan Lee Louise Simonson Doug Moench Steve Gerber Roy Thomas Mark Gruenwald Walt Simonson Steve Englehart Bill Everett Jack Kirby 90's-Present: Mark Miller Eric Powell Brian K Vaughan Brian Michael Bendis Grant Morrison Alan Moore Keith Giffen Fabian Nicieza Jeph Loeb Peter David Warren Ellis Kurt Busiek William Messner-Loebs Erik Larsen Ed Brubaker Christos Gage Mike Mignola Brandon Choi Joss Whedon Scott Lobdell Mike Carey Joe Kelly Mark Waid Frank Miller Robert Kirkman Greg Pak Darwyn Cooke Greg Rucka Image Comics deserves more love. Check these fantastic runs out: 1. Kurt Busiek's Astro City (1995) 2. Travis Charest's WildCATs (1994, with James Robinson and Alan Moore) 3. Sam Kieth's The Maxx (1993, with Messner-Loebs) 4. Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon (1992) 5. Todd McFarlane's Spawn (1992) 6. Keith Giffen's Trencher (1993, moved to Blackball Comics) 7. Al Gordon and Jerry Ordway's WildStar (1993) 8. Larsen, Giffen, and Dave Johnson's Superpatriot (1993, Savage Dragon spin-off) 9. Jim Lee, Mark Heisler, and Mark Texeira's Union (1993, under WildStorm Studios) 10. Nick Manabat, Steve Gerber, and Jim Lee's Cybernary (1993, back-up in Deathblow) 11. Marc Silvestri's Cyber Force (1992) 12. Mike Grell's Shaman's Tears (1993) 13. Tim Sale's Deathblow Also check out: Matsuda's NewMen, Platt's Prophet, Stroman's Tribe, Lee/Choi's WildCATs, Giffen's Images of ShadowHawk, aw heck if you like any of that read em all! Other great Independent comics from the 90s: Bravura: Edge (Gil Kane), Nocturnals (Dan Brereton), Strikeback (Kevin Maguire), StarSlammers (Walt Simonson) Anything from Joe Quesada's Event Comics Kirby/Thibodeaux's Phantom Force from Genesis West There are some cool issues from BlackBall Comics and Axis Comics too Obviously there's Dark Horse with Hellboy and Star Wars and Sin City and such too Some of my favorite "eras/themes" of comics are (in no particular order): Marvel post-House of M/pre-Secret Invasion Marvel Bronze Age Horror, Western, and Sword and Sworcery from 1968 to 1976 X-Men 1989 to 1997 X-Men from Giant Size 1 to Cockrum's return, and JRjr until Mutant Massacre Non-X-Men, non-Spider-Man, non-Heroes Reborn Marvel from winter 1994 to autumn 1997 Image Comics 1992 until 1996 Vertigo DC 70's Jack Kirby Golden Age DC Superheroes 1960's Charlton Action Heroes Atlas Superhero Revival and Spacemen 1960-1962 Marvel Monsters Dark Horse Star Wars Adaptations of Adventure pulp novels/magazines/newspaper strips/radio shows from the turn of the century to the end of the Depression Anything by anyone I listed above

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